What Are Your Plans for Memorial Day Weekend? [POLL]

Gas prices are down and travel is expected to increase this holiday weekend.

More Americans will hit the road this holiday weekend than a year ago. And they'll have a bit more money to spend thanks to lower gas prices.

Memorial Day kicks off the summer travel season, and since pump prices never reached $4 or $5 a gallon ($1.05 to $1.32 a liter), as feared, economists says travelers are likely to dine out or shop more once they pull off the road, reported the Christian Science Monitor.

About 30.7 million Americans will drive more than 50 miles for Memorial Day trips, according to auto club that has an office in Framingham. That's 400,000 more than last year, a jump AAA attributes to improvement in the economy and consumer attitudes. The number of holiday travelers grows to 34.8 million when you include planes, trains and other means of transportation.

Restaurants, movie theaters and retailers hope some of that savings goes to them.

Locally, kicks off its campaign today. More than 100 retailers, restaurants, cultural institutions and recreational areas in 19 communities throughout the MetroWest region of Massachusetts will be holding scores of promotions and special events for visitors and local residents alike from today, May 26 to June 3 during a new, region-wide program, “Shop & Explore MetroWest,” launched by the .

Mark W. McClennan, APR May 26, 2012 at 10:21 PM
I agree. Honoring and remembering those that served. We will be having a family reading of patriotic songs and poems plus participating in local activities.
Kristen Nason May 27, 2012 at 12:00 AM
We will be participating in the parade and Memorial Day ceremony, on Monday. Today, we took a long hike at Callahan and tomorrow we will be doing some yard work. Life is good :)
debra May 27, 2012 at 01:37 AM
Does Memorial Day really not mean anything more to the people at Patch than shopping/swimming/barbecuing? I assume that most of you who work here are young -- well, generations of men and women your age gave up their youth and their lives defending this country so that you could live here in freedom and opportunity. It's a shame that you don't have respect for them and their sacrifice, and don't even list as an option anything about remembering or paying tribute.
Danielle Horn May 27, 2012 at 03:07 PM
Hi, Debra (and everyone else.) I'm an editor at Patch and would like to respond to your comment. I may not be able to fit it all in one post, so pardon me if it seems choppy.. First, thank you for your comments – I'm glad that you and others have reminded our readership of the true meaning of Memorial Day, that you have forced us to reflect on the very reasons we are even able to enjoy ourselves and freedom on this long weekend or any other day for that matter. I can assure you it was no one at Patch’s intention to gloss over the sacrifices of our veterans. If you go to almost any Patch site, you will see Memorial Day coverage in some form. Many of us will be at parades tomorrow; personally, I’ll be in Natick. Tomorrow is not a work day for me; though I will take pictures and cover the event, it’s on my own time. I know there are other editors doing the same. I note this not to be congratulated but to show you that I, at 30 years old and perhaps a member of this younger generation (for a little while longer, at least, haha) recognize those who gave all. This poll seems to be a reflection of what many (perhaps most) associate with Memorial Day weekend: the kick-off to summer, spending time with family and friends, barbecues…the poll choices reflect that. I guarantee that celebrating Memorial Day was not purposely ignored; rather, the choices mirrored the gas prices article that the poll’s author referenced. (continued in next post)
Danielle Horn May 27, 2012 at 03:09 PM
(continued from previous comment) Personally, I look at Memorial Day as I do all other holidays that ask us to remember or recognize a certain person or group: we don’t need one day of the year to do that. If we only take one day, we’re doing a disservice to those who deserve our attention and reflection 365 days a year. I don’t just honor my mother on Mother’s Day, my father on Father’s Day, my husband on Valentine’s. That’s my duty year-round. The same goes for veterans. My most direct connection to those who’ve died in the line of duty is my great uncle, Richard Williamson, after whom my father is named. Dick Williamson was 22 and a 2nd Lt. when his B-24 fighter plane went to help another that was in distress, during a 1943 raid on the Ploesti oil fields in Romania. His plane, which had a crew of 9, was shot down over Bulgaria. The sole survivor remembered how Dick didn’t bail out of the plane. He tried to keep it up so others could live. Dick's body was never found; though remains that could have been his were buried in Arlington National Cemetery. I encourage others to share similar stories. Thank you, Debra, for prompting me to share mine. Let’s do what we can to keep alive the memory of those whose sacrifices we cannot match.


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