Wellesley Marathon Numbers Still Available

There are still numbers available, and the town is bringing the fundraising minimum down from $4,000


Applications for the 2013 Boston Marathon are still open, and Wellesley is looking for folks to run for local causes.

The Town has also lowered the bar for entry: the fundraising minimum is now $2,500 instead of $4,000, according to an email from Deputy Director Terry Connolly, and a post on the Swellesley Report.

Applicants will be running to benefit four local organizations: the Wellesley Scholarship Foundation, Wellesley Friendly Aid Association,Wellesley Theatre Project, and the West Suburban Veterans’ Services District

Applications opened in December, and the fundraising minimum then was $4,000, and the town had a total 20 running numbers (waivers) to give out to those who apply before Friday, Dec. 14. They still require a $300 fee, postmarked by Feb 1.

Also looking for runners from the Wellesley area, .

If you're running the Marathon, let Patch know in the comments. Post announcements or fundraising events. Don't forget to come back following the race and let us know how you're doing.


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