Five Things You Need to Know Today: 125-Year Thanksgiving Game Edition

125 years ago, Needham and Wellesley will face each other in a traditional football game. Here are Five Things about it.

1. Thanksgiving day looks to be a sunny and warm one, with temperatures hitting 52ºF, and then dipping to 33ºF in the mostly clear evening, according to the National Weather Service

2. Needham will host Wellesley for the 125th time at 10:00 a.m. at Memorial Park. Tickets to the game are $10. 

3. , because World War I meant the teams had to take a couple of seasons off. According to a Boston Herald story from last year, this is the country’s oldest public high school rivalry. 

4. The Needham-Wellesley rivalry is also up for the Best High School Rivalry in Mass, on USA Today's High School Sports site. You can also help beat Needham on Facebook by liking Wellesley Patch! 

5. Wellesley won the first-ever annual Thanksgiving Day game with a score of 4-0. While Wellesley has the edge, with a 59-57-9 all-time record, Needham has two years straight going into this game--according to USA Today High School Sports.


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