WHS Undergrad Awards Listed

Achievements in academics, the arts, physical fitness and community values recognized.

Awards were given to underclass students at Wellesley High School on June 9 to

recognize "the talents and commitment of students who have excelled in a special way."

The awards program cites studentsʼ achievements in academics, the arts, physical

fitness and community values.

The following are underclass award recipients:

Copell Junior Leadership Award presented in memory of Susan Copell to a member

of the Junior class who most exemplifies Ms. Copellʼs ability to lead through example:

Courtney Green

METCO Academic Achievement Award: Freshman Dara Johnson, Sophomore

Rebecca Silva, Junior Cameron McCormick

Hurricane Island Outward Bound Leadership Award: Cody Schwass

ABC Achievement Awards: Yina Cordero, Antonia George

Wellesley Junior Womenʼs Club Awards: Collin Hull, Brooke Nash

College Book Awards

Boston University School of Education Book Award: AnnaMary Harris

Harvard Book Award: Katerina Lin

Lehigh University Book Award: Eva Lauer

University of New Hampshire Book Award: Connor Hawkinson

Wellesley College Book Award: Michelle Silver

University of Virginia Jefferson Book Award: Alexander Robertson

Brown University Book Award: Danae Metaxa-Kakavouli

Bryn Mawr College Book Award: Eleanor Stoeckle

Bucknell University Book Award: Leah Fessler

Colgate University Book Award: Soojin Kim

Columbia University Book Award: Austin Sedaghatpour

Cornell University Book Award: Margaret Dore

Dartmouth College Book Award: Blake Dietrick

Holy Cross Book Award: Lauren Baer

Smith College Club West of Boston Book Award: Bo Julie Crowley

Wheelock College Book Award: Sarah Feiner

Yale University Book Award: Andrew Griswold

Mount Holyoke College Book Award: Victoria Gerald

Princeton University Book Award: Claire Bradach

St. Michaelʼs College Book Awards: Nathan Cheek, Lara Halamka

The George Washington University Book Award: Michael DʼOrtenzio

Williams College Book Award: Daniel Dylewsky

Art Department

National Scholastic Art Awardʼs Silver Medal in Photography: Paige Bashian

The Boston Globe Scholastic Art Awards Recognition

Gold Key Photography: Paige Bashian, Katharie Lofblad

Silver Key Jewelry: Elizabeth McTighe

Painting: Leejoo Bae, Rohan Bhatt

Photography: Caroline Fahey

Honorable Mention Drawing: Tyler Lash

Photography: Leah Fessler, Alyssa Flores

Underclass Achievement Art Achievement Awards

Animation: Myra Wilson

Ceramics: Tiffany Chow, Kelsey Walsh

Creative Journal: Molly Hayden

Digital Arts: Michelle Abrams, Ali Harkavy

Drawing & Painting: Rohan Bhatt, Evelyn Garrity, Anna Seeler

Jewelry: Lillye Anderson

Photography: Leah Fessler

Classical & Modern Language Department

Chinese Awards

Chinese I: Conor Chinitz

Chinese II: Kelvin Chen

Chinese Book Award: Lauren Kennedy

French Awards

French I: Katherine Bell

French II: Bennett Capozzi

French III: Nathan Cheek, Rachel Wang

French IV: Kevin Bu, Eve Roth,

French V: Hani Azzam

French Book Award: Bo Julie Crowley

German Awards

German I: Carolyn Skelly

German II: Lee Wickham

German III: Peter Lu

German IV: Spencer Resnick

German V: Eleanor Stoeckle

German Book Award: Pauline Hickey

Latin Awards

Latin I: Abigail Henry

Latin II: Brian McMahon

Latin III: Garrett Lam

Latin IV: Katerina Lin

Latin Book Award: Gray Tanner

National Latin Exam: Katerina Lin, Gray Tanner

Spanish Awards

Spanish I: Hani Azzam, Jonathan Ceru

Spanish II: Zahra Pirani

Spanish III: Rachel Wang

Spanish IV: Phoebe Weatherall

Spanish V: Claire Bradach

Spanish Book Award: Michelle Silver

English Department

Elaine Dixon Freshman English Award for exceptional achievement in English:

Amanda Harkavy

Freshman New Century Book Award for extraordinary effort or exceptional

growth: Cecilia Acuna

Taffy Zimbler Book Award for exceptional achievement in Sophomore English:

Christopher McKenna

Sophomore New Century Book Award: Yina Cordero

Junior Book Award for Excellence in English: Kevin Bu

Junior New Century Book Award: Andrew Suttle

Family & Consumer Science Department

Junior Business Awards: Adam Farina, Matthew Farina, Ashley Slaboden

Junior Finance Excellence Award: Alexander Liem

Teaching Young Children Award: Jessica Hoffman

Fitness & Health Department

Marathon Sports Adventure Leadership Award: Monica Roberts

Marathon Sports Award: Matthew Norwood

Mathematics Department

Mathamatics Book Awards

Sophomore: Rebecca Goldberg

Junior: Allen Wirth

Wellesley Rotary Club Awards

Freshman: Jaclyn Lunger

Sophomore: Joshua Langowitz

Junior: Kevin Bu

Wellesley Education Foundation

Freshman Mathematics Award: Rebecca Taylor

Freshman Science Award: Bennett Capozzi

Performing Arts Department

Choral Award: Alysa Dillon

Theatre Award: Noam Waksman

Technical Theatre: Nora Rogers

Dance Award: Michelle Abrams

Band Award: Fay Khudairi

Orchestra Award: Erica Chen

Eastman School of Music Award: Jacqueline Zhou

Leslie Holmes Young Artists: Alysa Dillon, Eleanor Mears, Monica Roberts, Nora


Science & Technology/Engineering Department

Edward H. Herlin Chemistry Book Award: Rachel Wang

Biology Award: Michelle Silver

Science Book Awards

Biology: Katherine Bell

Chemistry: Hayden Fowler

Earth Science: Cecilia Acuna

Bausch & Lomb Science Award: Katerina Lin

Technology/Engineering Award: Alexander Freedman

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute University Award: Kevin Bu

Social Studies Department

Gardner Marchant Freshman Award: Anna Zannetos

Freshman Award: Emma Roache

Ernest F. Upham Sophomore Award: Riley Jacobs

Sophomore Award: Melissa Demeo

Eleanor Roosevelt Junior Award: Victoria Blalock

Philip Whitbeck Junior Award: Samuel Harris


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