Wellesley Youths Finish School Year at Westwood's Hale [PHOTOS, VIDEO]

The two-week program finished on Friday at the reservation in Westwood.

Elementary students from Wellesley Public Schools took an end-of-the-school-year trip to in Westwood this month. 

Thep program, which has been held in previous years, alllowed for fifth-grade students to get to know one another in a more entertaining way before heading to middle school in the fall. 

For one part of the program, students took part in a "shipwrecked" activity, in which they acted as though they were deserted on an island and had to find ways to survive, using sticks and wires for fishing equipment and creating shelters with logs and a tarp. 

Meanwhile, other students took part in a trusting excercise on the high wires in Hale's ropes course, which included a giant swing that seats one while others hoist him or her high up into the treeline before letting them swing low and fast in a safe setting.


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