The Tower Takedown in Pictures

Another Patch reader checked in with photos of the historic High School’s tower collapse.

In continuing the practice of publishing our reader’s submitted photos from last week’s , today we have a slideshow from one such reader who shot from the current high school’s roof.

Here is the e-mail photographer Mary McMahon sent to Wellesley Patch.

My name is Mary McMahon, and I am a WHS graduate (2010) who was lucky enough to be speaking with Lynne Novogroski moments before the tower was pulled down - and I consequently managed to get some photos from the "green roof" of the new building I thought I would share with you all. Please feel free to use them as you would like, or do nothing! I just felt that given that there were not many people present, I would share what I was able to get from this bittersweet event.

MJ July 14, 2012 at 04:16 PM
Thanks, Mary McMahon! Good job! But a sad one...


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