Schools Incurred Additional $2K in Lunch Debt Last Year

The superintendent and School Committee will meet to discuss the new food service policy Thursday.

Wellesley Public Schools are still owed about $26,000 in unpaid lunch debt - incurring over $2,000 last year, and with a , new personnel in several positions and a new school year approaching, the new superintendent wants to talk about the 2012-2013 school lunch policy at a meeting Thursday.

Superintendent David Lussier said in a phone interview no action will be taken at the meeting. He wants to update the committee on the status of the policy, which states that students must try to keep a minimum account balance of the equivalent of 10 lunches. 

“We want to bring them up to speed on it a year later,” he said.

The policy was drafted in June 2011 after the former credit-based system resulted in owed by families. 

The School Committee for eight families March 6. As of May, the schools were owed about $24,000. The school system incurred $2,157 in additional debt over the course of the last school year, according to Lussier.

The policy was met with confusion at the beginning of the last school year. Chartwells, last year’s vendor , did not have an online point of sale system ready with two weeks to go before the first day of school.

Whitsons School Nutrition with Wellesley Public Schools in June.

At the meeting, which is Thursday at 2 p.m. in the superintendent’s office at the Middle School, Lussier wants to “bring some clarity to a set of practices that were probably fairly loose,” he said. 


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