School Department Addresses Concerns Over Lunch

Multiple media outlets are reporting that the school has sent a letter to families addressing student concerns.

The beleaguered Wellesley School Department recently sent a letter to families addressing the health concerns brought up by a group of students last week.

The Swellesley Report and Boston.com both reported that the administration’s letter defends Chartwells, the school system’s food vendor under a one-year contract, and in some cases denies student allegations of undercooked food, small portions and a claim that students became ill after eating macaroni and cheese.

Chartwells had problems from the beginning. They were in at the beginning of the school year and at risk of being unable to open for lunch in time for school to start.

Also, a group of say they were betrayed by the town following the hiring of Chartwells. They've asked the school department to

Red Rover March 29, 2012 at 12:21 AM
The Town of Sudbury is also having issues with Chartwells. Though children in Sudbury were served uncooked chicken with no reports of illness, the School Committee and Administration there have had enough of Chartwells as the end of their one year contract nears. They are ready for a possible change. Maybe our School Committee should take a closer look at what may be in store for them if they renew Chartwells for Wellesley. Former food service workers brought good points to the table over the past several months. Maybe the School Committee should listen and review the article dated March 23, 2011, Sudbury Patch.


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