Question of the Day: Does Wellesley as a Town Take Enough Advantage of its Colleges?

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Wellesley as a town values education greatly. Home to one of the top notch school systems in the state, Wellesley as a community at times seems hyper focused on the schools.

But Wellesley is also home to three colleges, two of which are world renowned in business (Babson) and liberal arts (Wellesley). Today, Wellesley Patch ran a story about an entrepreneurship program being run at Babson College this summer, which Wellesley high school students have enrolled in to get a taste of college life while still in high school.

This is a good cross-community educational program, but is this all the crossover the colleges have with the Wellesley community?

In my time as editor with Wellesley Patch, I’ve come to learn that there isn’t much crossover among the colleges and the town. Why do you think this is? And, should there be more?


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