Madeline Albright Speaking at Wellesley College

Wellesley College Alum, and Former Secretary of State joining discussion on China's relationship to America and the larger meaning for global politics.


The relationship between America and China could have larger implications for the rest of the world's politics in this century, this is the topic of discussion for former secretaries of state and the treasury later this week.

Former Secretary of State Madeline Albright is making a return trip to Wellesley this week to join former Secretary of the Treasury Henry Paulson and ABC and NPR correspondent Cokie Roberts (also a Wellesley Alum) on stage. They will discuss the US' ties to China, and how that relationship affects politics on a global scale. 

You can watch the event live on the Wellesley College website when it airs, Thursday, Jan 24 at 4 p.m.

“If the U.S. can find a way to work with China, most global problems will become easier to handle; if the U.S. cannot work with China, solving global problems will be much more difficult,” a Wellesley College release quotes Paulson, who currently chairs The Paulson Institute.

The college's Albright Institute for Global Affairs is hosting Paulson and his wife,Wendy Judge Paulson as visiting professors. 

Earlier this month, the College also hosted , winner of The Mo Ibrahim Prize for Achievement in African Leadership in 2011.


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