Chartwells Hires Consultant Based on Health Department’s Request

Morrell Associates will monitor kitchen staffs throughout the school system.

In light of involving food service at the , Chartwells has hired an independent consultant to oversee the school system’s food service as per the Health Department’s request.

John Morrell, president of public health consulting firm Morrell Associates, was at the Middle School Monday beginning at 7 a.m., according to Leonard Izzo, director of the Wellesley Health Department. This was in response to the department’s request for a written corrective action plan and the hiring of a consultant Thursday.

Morrell is now responsible for review of Chartwells' services throughout the school system.

“This is really where they need to be right now,” Izzo said.

Holly Detroy, registered environmental health specialist for the Wellesley Health Department, found cold foods out of proper temperature ranges, lack of trained staff and lack of proper bookkeeping practices in the Middle School’s kitchen during routine inspections beginning Aug. 29.

Detroy found “critical violations that were not corrected” Sept. 7, she told Wellesley Patch in a Sept. 14 interview.

Detroy said cold sandwiches were found to be at 55 degrees Sept. 7. Cold foods must be at 41 degrees or below, and hot foods must be at or above 140 degrees to be considered safe.

The Health Department instructed Chartwells to hire the consultant by Monday after the department found “issues” with a confidential internal audit, Izzo said.

Morrell will be working with employees, reviewing the schools’ menus, doing inspections of the facilities and making adjustments as necessary, Izzo said.

Chartwells, , is paying for the consultant’s services, according to Izzo.

The consultant will be on hand indefinitely.

“He’s going to be there for some time,” Izzo said.

There have been no new violations since those found Sept. 7, and the Health Department will make a determination as to when the next inspection should be, Izzo said.

“I think they’re moving forward,” he said.


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