Wetlands Protection Committee Follows up with DPW, Morses Pond Dredging

WPC hears back from Department of Public Works about Recycling Center issue.

After the Mass Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) claimed the compost heap at the Department of Public Works (DPW) Recycling Center is encroaching on nearby wetlands, the DPW hired a consultant to determine whether that's the case. 

To that end, the Wetlands Protection Committee issued an enforcement order, which was addressed at a previous meeting. On Thursday, representatives of the DPW returned to report their findings to the Wetlands Protection Committee (WPC).

By the DEP's estimate, the center has filled 7,500 square feet of wetlands, while the DPW puts that estimate around 410. DPW officials returned to present the findings of Steve Ivas, of Ivas Environmental, which is in line with the DPW's estimate. 

The State has flagged the file, which triggers a visit to the site from a DEP representative. While this may not seem like a good sign, it will give the DPW an opportunity to make their case. 

The DPW is also responsible for an effort to dredge the northern basin of Morses Pond. This effort will improve the quality of the water by giving it more time to let solids in it settle.

The DPW hoped to reuse some of the dredged material, raised hydraulically. Testing of that material found it unsuitable for all but one intended use: "nourishing" the beaches. The group returned to request a change to their permit, allowing them to move the dredge site by about 130 feet, where there was a higher concentration of undesirable material. 

A handful of housing projects were also discussed: a patio at 8 Pickerel Road was allowed by the committee, a small addition at 60 Thackerey Road was continued to the Sept. 16 meeting, as was a pool proposed at 98 Livingston Road.

After a short break, the WPC met with Paul Deyesso of the Wellesley Country Club and Michael Toohill of Coneco. The proposed projects at the Country Club raised a lot of questions from not only committee members, but the neighbors who had filled The Wakelin Meeting Room at the Wellesley Library. Because there were too many questions to cover in one night, the hearing has officially been continued to Sept. 16, although scheduling conflicts will push that to a date still to be determined.


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