Wellesley Supports School Renovation Plans at Special Town Meeting

Wellesley finished up the Special Town Meeting Monday night with approval for all three motions under Article 7, concerning school renovations. Below is a quick run down of the article. Tune in Tuesday for a closer look into the vote.

Article 7

To see what sums of money the town will raise or appropriate or otherwise provide, to develop further and implement the following school facilities projects; including as appropriate the cost of engineering design services including preparation of bid documents, for construction, reconstruction, remodeling, rehabilitation and/or modernization of the same:

1. To the Permanent Building Committee, for design, specifications, and planning for renovations, to the Fiske and Schofield Elementary Schools; -Passed by 2/3 vote

2. To the School Committee and Board of Selectmen for conceptual planning work associated with the potential renovation, reconstruction, addition, consolidation, or replacement of the Hardy, Hunnewell, and Upham Elementary Schools; -Passed by majority voice vote

3. To the School Committee and Board of Selectmen for the study of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) and other systems of the Wellesley Middle School, and other renovations; -Passed by majority voice vote

to determine whether such sum shall be raised by taxation, through borrowing and/or transfer from available funds; or take any other action relative thereto.


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