Voter Turnout About 25 Percent

Town Clerk Kathy Nagle checked the polls this afternoon and she is surprised at the low numbers.

Despite several contested races, only about 25 percent of registered Wellesley voters have so far made it to the polls in today’s town-wide election.

Town Clerk Kathy Nagle said, as of 4 p.m., the highest number of ballots cast at any of the eight polling places was 250. There are between 1,800 and 2,400 voters registered in each precinct, she said. Overall, 15,478 cast a vote.

“I got at least 15 post cards [from candidates] at my home this weekend . There are signs all over town,” she said. “It’s troubling. It’s a real important election. I’m saddened the town hasn’t embraced it in a bigger way.”

The Board of Selectmen and School Committee races are contested as well as many of the town meeting member races due to the addition of an eighth precinct this year. Also, there is a referendum question asking whether the public would want the Board of Selectmen to grant alcohol licenses to restaurants with over 50 seats instead of the currently required 100.


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