Should There Be a Restaurant at 978 Worcester St.?

The Board of Selectmen denied Justine’s but approved another restaurant to open along Route 9 East near Natick.

Last August, the Board of Selectmen told a group of developers a restaurant at a building at 978 Worcester St., a high traffic section of Route 9 East near the Natick line.

Their reasons for the denial of a necessary common victualler’s license were based on a view that the available parking at the tight plot was unsuitable for the proposed 135-seat restaurant.

However, on Monday, the board attempting to open an 85-seat restaurant at the same location. This group made ample adjustments for parking and have no interest in controlling a residential building behind the property, according to the board Monday. The previous group wanted to manage that building as a residential property.

Do you think the board made the right decision on granting the license? The new project is significantly smaller than the proposed Justine’s project, but the building’s size is obviously the same. Will parking and traffic be an issue, or will things flow smoothly once the new restaurant is established?


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