Senior Center Talks Move Forward

American Legion site is back on the radar.

With the “campus vision” , town officials have turned their attention back to the American Legion site for a senior center.

Selectman Terri Tsagaris said at a meeting Monday night that she, along with other members of the board of Selectmen, met with members of the Wellesley Council on Aging recently to more thoroughly discuss space needs for a new Senior Center as they might apply to a different site.

“We weren’t thinking about site constraints with respect to the needs list that was already prepared,” she said, referring to plans for several town organizations including the Council on Aging, to move into a new, future Community Center.

The American Legion site – located at 496 Washington St. – was in original plans to establish a standalone senior center last year, but was tabled pending the outcome of the Community Center campus vision.

Katherine Babson, chair of the Board of Selectmen, said based on an original site study, which cost $600,000, the board should discuss steps that might lead to the creation of a larger center than what was previously conceived.

“If in fact we’re looking at a larger senior center than what we’ve already planned for, I’d like to suggest the board weigh in,” Babson said.

Tsagaris said still some funds remain from the original $600,000, and that it’s too early in the process to know how large a space is needed. Also, she said there are other town spaces being discussed between the Board of Selectmen and Council on Aging.

“Really we’re just sort of starting the next steps in terms of what to do and where to go with the Senior Center,” Tsagaris said.  


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