Postal Service Cuts Raise More Questions About Babson Park Post Office

The U.S Postal Service will make $3 billion in reductions.

The United States Postal Service, the one-time leader in transmittance of information, will be making $3 billion in cuts, which will slow delivery and otherwise hinder the service.

The reductions, which according to the Huffington Post are “unprecedented” for the mail service, are set to take hold next spring. USPS will detail the cuts today.

The announcement comes after months of speculation with regard to the possible closing of the . USPS officials  to gather public feedback on the usefulness of the small branch office on Forest Street at the edge of the Babson College campus.

The Babson post office made a last spring. There has not yet been a decision on whether the office will close.

The postal service cuts will affect everything from Netflix to birthday card delivery, according to the Huffington Post.

Area residents and students had mixed opinions about whether the office closing would be a great loss. In a , Linda Ceremsak of Abbott Road said if the Bason Park Post Office closes it would serve as an inconvenience.

“I do use it frequently because it’s so close to where I live,” she said.

Though, Babson College senior Eric Kessler said because of the campus delivery structure, there’s really no need for the office to begin with.

Dennis Tarmey, communications programs specialist for the Greater Boston Postal District, said college students use digital communication far more frequently than the United States Postal Service, which has put the branch under a microscope.

“My son went to Tufts, and I don’t think he went to the post office once in his four years there,” he said. “College age kids are really not communicating with letters.”

Commenters to Wellesley Patch said they want the post office to stay.

Reader carita wrote in part, "No, no, no / do NOT close this wonderful little Post Office! Personally I use it EVERY day - for all my different mailing issues!"

Reader MJ took a different approach.

"I like this P.O. too but face facts--the USPS is going broke! If this P.O. is not paying its way, then it needs to close. We have 2 other P.O.s in town, after all..." he wrote.

Jim Conlin December 15, 2011 at 02:31 PM
Close it. Babson Park PO users have an alternative PO a mile away.


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