Neighbors Not Keen on Rockland Street Pedestrian Access

Despite Rockland Bridge renovations, neighbors remain concerned about pedestrians in the vicinity.


While the Rockland Street Bridge is set to re-open in a few days, some of its neighbors are concerned about how it has been left for pedestrians.

A number of residents of Rockland and Linden Streets, and Southwick Circle stopped in to comment on the intersection during last nights' discussion by the Board of Selectmen. The agenda item was about a stop sign proposed at the Rockland Street intersection with Linden Street.

Several neighbors came before the Board with comments about the safety, some described the area, with the icy weather, as a "luge run." Some said they were not sure whether the stop sign alone would solve this issue.

"The visibility, in general, scares me a lot." Jeff Wexler, a Southwick Circle resident commented. "I don't have a perfect solution."

He commented that both the bridge and the walkway seem to him to be at a severe incline. Another neighbor estimated this incline to be a 15 percent grade. 

Executive Director Hans Larsen noted that, as the bridge is a state project, the end result is their decision. However, the town will present the neighbors' feedback to MassDOT. 

The Selectmen did vote unanimously to approve the stop sign on the southbound approach. The Selectmen anticipate changes to the intersection at a later point as well.

The Wellesley Police Department issued a reminder to the public about a year ago, January 2012, announcing that the Rockland Street Bridge will permanently close to road traffic during construction. The bridge was expected to re-open last month according to a Board of Selectmen's meeting a few weeks ago. It was then delayed due to some gas work.

Have you tried the pedestrian access to the intersection? Do you agree with the neighbors? Disagree? Do you have a solution?


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