McCauley: Eviction of Parishioners Could Involve Police

The newest member of the Board of Selectmen told a crowd of about 40 Wednesday that while the board anticipates an amicable end to the situation at St. James, the town could at some point be forced to evict the parishioners.

At a Wednesday night meeting to discuss the land , one member of the Board of Selectmen said that parishioners, intent on hanging on to the closed church, could be removed eventually by force.

Donald McCauley said that once the parishioners – who have been holding a vigil at the church since it closed in 2004 – have exhausted their appeals in court, the town can ask them to leave, according to Boston.com.

“If they don’t have the right as a matter of civil law to be in the church – at that point, the town will have to ask them to leave,” he said in the story.

McCauley is hopeful, however, that push does not come to shove and, according to Boston.com, the parishioners would sooner leave the church is asked by the town as opposed to the Archdiocese of Boston.


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