Increased Rail Service Starts This Month

A deal was finalized between the state and CSX that transfers ownership to the commonwealth.


Starting Oct. 29, commuter rail riders between Worcester and Boston will see an increase in options, according to Lt. Gov. Timothy Murray.

Murray said an agreement had been completed with CSX to tranfer ownership of the rail tracks and control of operations along the Framingham/Worcester line from CSX to the state. 

The increase in service will include three new inbound and three new outbound trains between the two cities for a total of 31 stops arriving or departing Worcester station. There will also be one inbound special express and one outbound special express next spring. The goal of 20 roundtrips will be hit a year from now, according to Murray's office.

“Since the restoration of limited commuter rail service to Worcester in 1994, the importance of linking New England’s two largest cities by passenger rail has been clear,” said Murray. “This finalized agreement with CSX marks a major milestone for transportation in Massachusetts as we deliver enhanced services for the growing demand of riders and support business and community development in the Worcester and MetroWest areas.”

Along with the maintenance control the state now has over the rails, it will take control of the right of way and dispatching so all Worcester line trains are dispatched from the MBTA facilities.


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