WPD Says Locked Doors Are Key to Preventing Break-Ins

With one occurring yesterday, Lt. Marie Cleary spoke to Wellesley Patch about what residents can do to prevent a break-in.

A home on Springdale Avenue was broken into yesterday. In the incident, a suspect most likely gained access to the house through an unlocked sliding screen door, according to police.

Lt. Marie Cleary of the says the first step to preventing a break-in is to keep your doors locked, even if you’re at home.

“We’ve had breaks where [residents] have been in the backyard and someone got in,” she said.

Cleary said police recommend residents also keep ground level windows locked, and if there are windows reachable by lawn furniture people should keep that furniture secured.

Residents should also use their alarm systems, she said, and consider installing motion sensor lights to scare off anyone attempting to break-in.

WPD receives reports of about 40 commercial and residential break-ins per year, Cleary said.

“People feel Wellesley is a big community, and it is, but unfortunately criminals looking to break into houses will go anywhere,” she said.

Cleary added that victims of break-ins, to their homes or cars, should report them to police, even if items taken are of little value.

“People say ‘Oh, it’s only $10, we don’t want to bother the police with that,’ but when they report it, we’re made aware of it and can track where it’s happening,” she said.

Danielle Horn May 16, 2012 at 06:05 PM
I'm always shocked to see that people don't lock their doors - both to their homes and cars. I keep my car locked when it's in the garage! It's too easy not to...


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