Wellesley Police Retire 20-year Veteran Workhorse

After 20 years, the WPD is letting one of their long-serving members hang up its tires and wander off into retirement.

A veteran of the Wellesley Police Department is riding off to the sunset. The Police Department website says it best, "From our worst tragedies to our greatest triumphs, this veteran member of the Wellesley Police Department has worked countless shifts, often in a row without a break, patrolling the streets of town."

The veteran is not your typical officer--in fact, it's not even an officer. They announced last week the retirement of the Crown Victoria police interceptor, which is no longer in production.

This retirement does open up a position in the ranks, and Police Chief Terry Cunningham does not intend to leave that position open for long. He chose Ford's replacement for the Crown Vic, which will be phased in over the coming years, the Police Interceptor.

See the full story on the Wellesley Police Department website

The new Interceptor is estimated to be about 25 percent more fuel efficient, and idles using about 35 percent less fuel than the current model. The vehicles also come with all-wheel drive standard, which will improve driving in the Wellesley winters. 

Keep an eye out for the new Interceptors around town, which will eventually replace all of the Department's Crown Vic. 


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