Wellesley Police Stats Show Drop in Arrests, Criminal Complaints

Police received fewer calls, made fewer arrests and issued fewer criminal complaints.


The Wellesley Police Department recently released some statistics for the last year, reporting some of the police action from 2012 in relation to previous years. 

There were fewer burglaries in Wellesley in the last year, 26 compared to 30 in 2011. Of the 2012 incidents, three were in businesses. Police also made fewer arrests and issued fewer criminal complaints in 2012 than in previous years. Criminal complaints being situations in which police file charges but do not arrest a suspect.

There were fewer calls made to the department than in 2012, although about the same number as in 2010 and 2009. These service calls could be anything from an arrest to a noise complaint to a medical emergency, the Wellesley Police announcement notes

The number of written reports saw a sharp increase, as did crashes.

The full stats gathered from the Wellesley Police Department:

2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 Calls  25,618 27,296 25,614 25,620 26,807 Written reports 2,216 1,264  1,400 1,650 1,436 Traffic stops 7,286  7,794   7,225 8,483 7,247  Selective traffic posts 2,091 2,129 1,959 2,032 Crashes 976 787 856 731  781 Arrests 164 221 253 227 193 Criminal complaints 266 312 376 410 293 E-911 hang-up calls 647 622 650 728 758 Medical emergencies 1,721 1,442  1,425 1,453 1,531 Burglaries  26

Note: E-911 hang-up calls are not the total number of calls, just the number of calls where the caller indicated it was not an emergency, or dispatchers had no contact with the caller.


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