Wellesley Police Log: A Hard Reboot and Keeping Right

The following information was supplied by the Wellesley Police Department. It does not indicate a conviction.

The following reports were provided by the Wellesley Police Department. Charges where mentioned do not indicate a conviction. 

Hard Reboot

Police responded to a report of an unwanted party at a Barton Road residence, told that the party was making entry into an apartment--they heard this from a third party before 10 a.m. on Jan. 29. When Officer Cunningham arrived on the scene, they spoke to a woman who said she had argued with a man she knows.

During the argument, he threw a computer onto the floor, breaking it. He also threw a number of electronics on the floor. She also called a family member, who reported the incident to police. Police caught up with the man, identified as Gregory Scott, 26, of Barton Road. 

Scott was arrested and charged with assault and wanton destruction of property. He was transported to court. 

Keep Right

While on patrol on Route 9, officer Derby saw a black Acura sedan traveling in the left lane, despite the right being available, and reportedly speeding--60 in a 50 zone--on Jan. 31, about 10 p.m. After running a query, he learned the registered owner had a suspended license. 

Police pulled the vehicle over and determined that the driver was the owner, 21-year-old Ivan Castillo of West Roxbury. He was arrested and charged with driving on a revoked license, failing to drive in the right lane, and speeding. He was released on personal recognizance. 

Better than Buyer's Remorse

Jan 31, after 10:30 p.m., while on patrol, Officer Lindelof queried the license plate of a BMW sedan. The plates were registered to another vehicle, so they pulled the vehicle over. 

When they spoke to the operator, Dorchester resident Yakouba Sawadogo, 22, he said that he had purchased the vehicle 2-3 weeks prior. He produced papers to prove this purchase. However, because the seven-day grace period had elapsed, and the plates had not been registered to the new car, they were illegally attached. 

Police instructed Sawadogo and his passengers to stay in the car while they awaited a tow truck. The driver, however, became upset and tried to get out of the vehicle. When officers told him to wait, and he started yelling at them. When the tow truck arrived, Officer Porier stepped away from the car and Sawadogo got out of the car.

The brought him to the nearby sidewalk, and he started yelling at the police--even when his passengers told him to calm down. He was causing a scene and causing passing vehicles to slow down--some even to brake sharply. At one point, he almost walked into traffic. 

The shift supervisor arrived, Sawadogo began to yell at the supervisor, who walked him away from the street, and he continued screaming at the police officers. They took him into custody, charged with disorderly conduct, booked him and transported him to court. 

The passengers were driven to the train station. When they told officers they didn't have money, the police paid for train tickets.

Sawadogo was later released on personal recognizance.


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