Wellesley Police Department Releases October Call Statistics

By Kelly A. Mello
By Kelly A. Mello

Wellesley Police Department released their call statistics for the month of October this year.

That report revealed that 22 arrests were made in October. This is up from September, when 10 people were arrested. So far this year, 168 arrests were made.

As of October 2013, 29 break ins were reported. Twenty of those were residential while nine were commercial facilities. In October there were four residential break ins and one commercial break in. This is up from three residential break ins in September.

Police responded to 98 motor vehicle accidents in October. In September, they responded to 92. The total number of crash reports for the year is 750.

Overall, Wellesley Police Department has taken 14,779 calls in 2013. From that, 1,690 calls were made in October. This is down from September when 1,843 calls were made to the station.

Also in October, there were 112 alarms, 60 emergency 911 hang ups, 140 medical emergencies, 251 motor vehicle stops, 262 reports and 152 traffic posts. For 2013, there are 1,315 alarms, 480 emergency 911 hang ups, 1,394 medical emergencies, 2,055 vehicle stops, 1,922 reports and 1,373 traffic posts.

For a complete list of incidents Wellesley Police Department responded to, along with an explanation of some of the more well-known incident types, check out the table located online.


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