Wellesley Lion Returned to Watertown Owners

Watertown residents called Wellesley Police about a neighbors' missing lion, WCVB reports.


Wellesley Police helped a heavy stone lion make the long trip back to Watertown. 

After reports came out yesterday of a missing lion, residents of Watertown called police noting similarities to a neighbors' stone lion, according to WCVB. The owner is staying with her daughter in Woburn, but lives in Watertown. 

Police tweeted a photo of the stone lion Sunday afternoon, saying, 

IS THIS YOUR LION? WPD has recovered this lion today near Wellesley Hills. Give WPD a call 781 235 1212. pic.twitter.com/nAzNMic1

The owner of the home at which the statue was found reportedly had no idea where the lion had come from. It did take several officers to move the stone king of the jungle, which reportedly weighed a couple of hundreds of pounds, WCVB reported on Sunday.

The lion, part of a pair, is back home now. 

See the full story on WCVB.


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