Wellesley Firefighters Sent on a Cruise by 'Ellen'


Four Wellesley firefighters were guests on “The Ellen Degeneres Show” today for rescuing the dog named Crosby from the icy waters of the Charles River.

Crosby, a golden retriever, chased a squirrel out on the ice, thinking it was solid ground. On her return, she fell through.

The call came into the Wellesley Fire Department Dec. 22, during the department’s Christmas party. Captain Jim Dennehy, lieutenant Paul Delaney, firefighter Dave Papazian and firefighter Joan Cullinan responded to the call and were on scene within 15 minutes. Papazian, tethered to a rope, waded through the water and ice and grabbed the dog with assistance from Delaney.

“When I did get to her, you can see that she was a little bit scared. I mean this big guy in a yellow suit creeping at you, she was a dog, she was probably a little afraid,” Papazian said. “Very quickly though, she realized I was probably her best chance to get out of there and she turned around and came right back to me.”

Dennehy and Cullinan pulled the three of them back to shore, where Crosby was dried off and warmed by blankets and a fire coat. He was returned to his family safe and sound.

“I love this story because I love animals,” Degeneres said. “They give us so much unconditional love, they would do anything for us. I think it’s our obligation as owners to take care of them as well.

For their efforts, Wellesley Fire Department received PETA's Compassionate Fire Department Award. Crosby’s owners have also expressed many thanks over her rescue.

“What can you say to them. I see this video again and it just makes me tear up,” said owner Amy Kapinos. “Crosby is a big part of our family and they didn’t hesitate one second. A lot of people would say it’s just a dog but they went right in for her and I can’t thank them enough.”

In honor of the rescue, the firefighters were given rope and personalized life vests “in case it happens again,” and a Princess Cruise trip. Crosby also received personalized vest.


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