Wellesley Fire Officials Are Opposed to Legalizing Fireworks

Though they’re not a particular problem in Wellesley, illegal fireworks are always a danger to the community, officials say.

With discussion in the state of making the sale and use of fireworks legal heating up, fire officials in Wellesley stand opposed to any measure that would undo restrictions on fireworks.

Wellesley Deputy Fire Chief Jeff Peterson, responding to an article on Boston.com about a bill that could empower cities and towns to decide on fireworks regulations, told Wellesley Patch that the reasons for opposition among local fire officials is obvious.

“There’s a lot of injuries involved with fireworks as well as the potential for fires,” he said.

Peterson remembered one such incident in Wellesley several years ago where a teenager lit off some fireworks which ended up in the gutter of his family’s home. A garage and car were accidentily set ablaze, he said.

“I had first-hand experience with that. They’re dangerous,” he said. “They should not be legalized.”

Though, Wellesley is not a particular trouble spot for illegal fireworks trade or usage, Peterson said he does hear them around holidays.

“Obviously people get them and set them off,” he said. “It’s a danger to themselves and to the public,” he said.

American June 01, 2012 at 08:13 PM
Fireworks are not a danger when you have parents that are supervising these kids , they can't sell fireworks to kids first of all so where is the Problem when the legal age to buy fireworks is 21


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