Suspected Copper Thieves Arrested at Hills Library

The Wellesley Police posted an update on the department’s website today.

officers arrested two suspects in connection with copper theft at the Hills branch library Sunday.

Eric Busuito, 23, of 18 High Street Apt. #B, Marlborough and Crystal Aiden, 33, of 18B High St., Marlborough were arrested and charged with larceny, wanton destruction of a building and other charges after police noticed Busuito had taken a copper downspout off of the building.

According to a post on the police department’s website, Officer Nate Derby noticed a man suspected to be Busuito jumping out of a tree with tin snips in his hands.

“Thieves often steal copper for the high resale value that it brings from metal dealers.  Copper piping is often cut out and stolen from vacant houses in addition to downspouts,” the post says.

Alden attempted to flee the scene in a motor vehicle from the church parking lot before she was arrested, according to the post.


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