Retaining Wall Collapse, Major Flooding Caught on Police Video

Lightning and wind caused problems throughout town last Wednesday.

During a two-hour span July 18, Wellesley’s and fought a , cleared and blocked roads due to severe flooding. They also caught it all on video.

The Wellesley Police Department posted a video yesterday of the havoc wreaked by the powerful summer storm that swept through the area during the late afternoon last Wednesday.

The first half of the video features footage of damage the storm caused all over town. The most shocking visuals come from the Lowell and Bristol roads intersection, which was completely submerged in water.

The narrator says a driver had to abandon her vehicle in the middle of Bristol Road because water had flooded the engine causing the car to stall.

Also, rain caused a retaining wall to collapse in the parking lot located at State and Washington streets. The wall struck an unoccupied parked car.

The second half of the video features images from this weekend’s July Jubilation shopping celebration in Wellesley Square.


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