Prison Sentence Given to Mass Bay Student with Firearm

Darryl Max Dookhran, charged with possessing a firearm, was sentenced in Norfolk County Superior Court last week.

The student who was caught by police while in possession of a firearm was sentenced to prison last week.

Darryl Max Dookhran, 19, of 1023 Dorchester Avenue, Dorchester was sentenced to 2.5 years plus one day, according to a post on the website.

Dookhran was following a Wellesley Police and NORPAC investigation after a report that the student was carrying a firearm.

Detectives approached Dookhran as he waited in line at the registrar’s office. After , he was placed under arrest. He had a loaded Tec-9 semi-automatic handgun in his possession.

Dookhran was charged with carrying a dangerous weapon, unlawful possession of ammunition, possession of a firearm on school grounds, possession of a large capacity firearm, possession of a large capacity feeding device, felon in possession of a firearm, knowingly resisting arrest and disorderly person. 

Following the incident, Dookhran's former educators told Wellesley Patch and showed talent academically.


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