Police Warn of Possible Package Thefts in December

Wellesley Police issue a warning to residents to keep their packages out of sight, and hopefully out of the hands of would-be thieves.


As your holiday shopping from Cyber Monday starts to arrive, the Wellesley Police are warning about potential package theft

When you visit the Wellesley Police home page, Officer Jenny Rowe walks onto the screen (in a small, pop-up video) to warn residents of these thefts. Several towns in the area, according to an announcement on the police website, reported a number of packages stolen during the month of December--Wellesley included.

To combat these thefts, police are asking residents to request packages be left in non-obvious locations, such as a side porch or in an inconspicuous location. 

Some online vendors' forms include a space on the order form for delivery instructions, where you would be able to leave these instructions. The police also say you can leave an instructional sign on your door.

It could be a good habit to get into before next year's holiday shopping, especially as packages will be more expensive with Amazon collecting Mass. sales tax starting in November. 

Have any other tips to keep your packages safe? Leave them in the comments.


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