Police: Reports of Drinking at Friday Night’s Football Game Exaggerated

The Wellesley Police Department issued a statement to put rumors of Friday night’s football game to rest.

Rumors of car accidents, widespread underage intoxication and multiple arrests at Friday night’s Wellesley vs. Norwood football game are false, according to police.

The posted a statement on its website today saying that school administrators brought five students to the attention of police for alcohol intoxication at the game, played Friday night at 's field. In each case, the student admitted to consuming alcohol before the game, according to Lt. Marie Cleary of the department, who spoke to Wellesley Patch today.

Two of those students required medical attention, the statement says. The three other students had parents at the game who took each one home.

“To our knowledge there were no injuries,” the announcement says.

Cleary said police did not find alcohol on any students at the game, nor did they find any in the stands following the game.

“There were no arrests or charges filed, nor were there any motor vehicle accidents related to this game,” the announcement said.

Wellesley High School Principal Andrew Keough held a school-wide assembly today to address "two matters that I believe stand to negatively impact our school community, jeopardize student safety, and come into direct conflict with our school core values," according to a letter to parents and guardians.

AG September 27, 2011 at 03:51 PM
Where is the exaggeration? in fact this article is under reported. The two students who needed medical treatment needed to have their stomach pumped. Alcohol poisoning was suspected. Five students were brought to the attention of the WPD. There were also many that were not. (Basis of fact: other Wellesley students). Looks like the school core values are being corrupted by the lack of parental oversight of their own high school students. Put away those martinis parents! Please!
Bret Silverberg September 27, 2011 at 10:52 PM
AG, All weekend, Wellesley Patch - and others in contact with Wellesley Patch - heard rumors of car accidents, DUIs and other chaotic, illegal activity. The police say all that was unsubstantiated. To clarify, that's what we meant about the exaggerated rumors.
AG September 27, 2011 at 11:15 PM
just because the Police can't (will not) substantiate does not mean that certain things did not happen. There seems to be a feeble attempt to gloss things over as in needed clarifications for certain statements. Tell it like it is. There was radical behaviour brought about by the genie of the whiskey bottle as fed to our young'uns. What are we to do? BTW, the Principal of the school need not be responsible. Imagine a whole assemble to tell the kiddies to be responsible. He should have brought in all the parents instead. Once again parents, "Put down your martinis."
Ursula King September 28, 2011 at 04:54 PM
Let's be real...this has happended forever, not the stomach pumping necessarily, which is very serious, but kids experimenting with alcohol in HS. I admit to that myself. BUT this is not to say I condone this behavior. This is not a crisis in the school or in the principal's handling it. It is a crisis in parenting. Parents need to organize themselves and talk and tell their kids what is tolerated and not and have consequences that are real so no one gets hurt. Do I need a principal to include me in the conversion? Get real...parents need to be open and honest and talk and set the limits. It is our responsibility. The principal spoke to his constiuency: the students. It is not his responsibility to teach me how to parent! I went to a HS where 4 kids died in a car crash that was alcohol related, parents have to stand up and take on the role of responsibility so a tragedy like that does not occur here. Because let me tell you, it is devastating!


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