Police Log: Two Arrested for OUI After Sleeping in Cars

The following information was supplied by the Wellesley Police Department. It does not indicate a conviction.

Sudbury Man Recognized by Detective Arrested for Intent to Distribute Marijuana

Benjamin Sia, 19, of Sudbury was arrested last week after police found three bags of marijuana and other paraphernalia in his car during a traffic stop.

detective Christopher Connelly pulled Sia over Feb. 29 on Weston Road. Connelly, while talking with Sia, observed three cellophane baggies. The baggies contained a total of 37 grams of marijuana, according to Wellesley Police records clerk Sue Morse.

Sia was charged with possession of a class D substance with intent to distribute within 1,000 feet of a school zone.

Man in Disabled Vehicle Arrested for Warrant-Related Charges

Donald Yoyo, 46 of Marlborough was arrested last week when an officer, upon a routine check, learned there was a warrant out for his arrest.

Yoyo was parked at the Wellesley Hills Gulf station the night of Feb. 29 when officer Conor Ashe, on routine patrol in the area, drove by.

The station was closed at the time so Ashe stopped to talk with the Yoyo. Yoyo told Ashe his car would not start.

Yoyo eventually got the car started. Ashe followed Yoyo and checked his vehicle’s license plate, which revealed there was a warrant for his arrest for motor vehicle violations out of Clinton District Court.

Ashe pulled Yoyo over where he was arrested.

Man Arrested for Driving Unregistered Vehicle

Moises Figueroa, 33, of Boston was arrested on Barton Road last week for driving an unregistered vehicle.

Officer Nate Derby, on patrol in the area March 1, saw that Figueroa’s vehicle’s sticker had expired. Figueroa was pulled over and could not provide a driver’s license.

He was charged with driving while his license had been suspended – subsequent offense – and driving an unregistered motor vehicle.

Man Driving Car on Three Tires Arrested for Drunken Driving

A Rhode Island man was arrested for drunk driving last week after an officer observed him driving a car with three working tires.

Michael A. Parker, 63, of East Greenwhich, R.I. was parked on Washington Street on the phone attempting to get a tow truck, according to Morse, when a Wellesley Police officer was dispatched to the scene.

On March 2, an officer had observed Parker driving on three tires and one rim earlier, and moderate damage on the car’s bumper, Morse said.

At the scene, an officer could detect a strong odor of alcohol on Parker’s breath. Parker failed three field sobriety tests, which he failed.

He was charged with operating under the influence of alcohol and a tire tread depth violation.

Driver Arrested for OUI After Sleeping in His Car on Side of Road

A Quincy man was arrested for drunk driving last week after an officer questioning him for sleeping in his car parked on Route 9.

Rajan Kalra, 28, was asleep in the driver’s seat of his vehicle parked in the breakdown lane of Route 9 March 3. Officer Evan Rosenberg observed the vehicle and parked behind it.

Rosenberg knocked on Kalra’s driver’s-side window several times but could not wake him up, according to Morse.

Eventually, Kalra woke up and opened the window. Rosenberg detected a strong odor of alcohol emanating from Kalra.

Kalra failed three sobriety tests; he was arrested and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol and driving while his license had been suspended.

Another Man Arrested for OUI After Sleeping in His Car

Thomas S. Hollyday, 25, of Natick was arrested for driving under the influence last week after an officer saw him sleeping at the wheel of his idling car.

Rosenberg was dispatched to Route 9 and Edmunds Road March 3 where he saw a black vehicle pulled over to the right with the lights off and engine running.

Rosenberg observed Hollyday sleeping in his vehicle and he attempted to wake him up with by knocking on the window. After eight unsuccessful attempts, Rosenberg opened Hollyday’s unlocked driver’s-side door and shook him awake, according to Morse.

Rosenberg detected a strong odor of alcohol emanating from Hollyday. He was asked to perform three sobriety tests, which he failed.

Hollyday was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol.


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