Is This School Overreacting to a Father Showing His Gun License in an Argument?

The father reportedly displayed his license during a confrontation with the elementary school’s principal.

Stratton Elementary School in Arlington. Patch file photo.
Stratton Elementary School in Arlington. Patch file photo.

An Arlington father has been barred from his son’s elementary school after he reportedly displayed his gun license Wednesday during a confrontation with the school’s principal.

Robert Goodwin, 40, told CBS Boston he and Stratton School Principal Michael Hanna were arguing over a drawing by his son. The principal thought the drawing was “very inappropriate,” he said.

“During that discussion I compared my legally owned license to carry firearms with the picture that my son drew,” he told the news station.

In addition to the no-trespass order at the school (other than drop-off and pick-up), Goodwin had his gun license suspended and his hunting rifle seized by police.

In a letter home to parents, Arlington Superintendent Kathleen Bodie said the argument “certainly went about and beyond the scope of a normal disagreement” and steps were taken to “make sure that students, faculty, and staff remained safe.”

Goodwin, who told CBS Boston he plans to transfer his son from the school, said he never threatened anyone. He has not been charged.

Are school officials overreacting? Or did they take appropriate action?

Watch Goodwin’s interview with CBS Boston.

Arlington Superintendent Makes Statement on Stratton School Incident

Arlington Father’s Gun Seized After Confrontation with Stratton School Principal
Irishwhisky June 25, 2014 at 04:45 PM
People remember this is Arlington or as I like to call it Cambridge with driveways the same town where more than a few residents claimed that James Marzilli had an organic brain disease and deserved his pension and even more voted to re elect the perv in the Prius after he was under indictment
Stephen June 25, 2014 at 05:07 PM
@Irishwiskey, the epiphany some of us had a few years back was that the moonbat/townie paradigm was false. In fact, the townies protected Jim Marzilli, the townies support an ultra progressive social agenda all the while denigrating the same in conversation, the townies are responsible for the decrease in safety, affordability and commons sense that made Arlington attractive for all those years. These people are moonbats in townie clothing.
shinty July 08, 2014 at 07:24 AM
It's hard to form an opinion without knowing anything about the nature of the kid's drawing IMHO.


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