Greineder Appeal Heard by Massachusetts High Court

Dirk Greineder, the Wellesley allergist convicted of murdering his wife in 2001, has appealed his case to the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court.


The state's highest court today heard — again — an appeal from lawyers of Wellesley doctor Dirk Greineder, who was .

According to the Boston Herald, justices heard Greineder's lawyers argue that his constititutional right to face his accuser was denied because DNA evidence presented at his trial was presented, not by the analyst who actually handled the evidence that led to his conviction, but by her supervisor.

The high court rejected the same argument two years ago on a previous appeal. But in the meantime, the U.S. Supreme Court vacated the Massaschusetts' High Court's previous ruling.

The Herald says Greineder himself was not present at today's hearing.


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