Dookhran Found Dangerous, Ordered Held Without Bail

Darryl Max Dookhran, arrested for possession of a firearm, will next appear in court March 11.

Darryl Max Dookhran, the , was deemed dangerous by a Dedham District Court judge Friday and held without bail, according to Norfolk County District Attorney spokesman David Traub.

The hearing shed light on Dookhran’s past, which included gang affiliations and prior juvenile arrests. It also provided more detail on Dookhran's physical struggle with Wellesley police officers while being arrested for possessing the weapon.

officer Conor Ashe, one of the arresting officers, said Dookhran, 18, had several prior arraignments and three in which he had been found guilty or delinquent. The crimes Ashe listed were assault and battery with a dangerous weapon – shod foot, unarmed robbery and assault with a firearm.

Ashe described Dookhran as uncooperative during the arrest, which took place in an empty cafeteria on the campus. He said Dookhran, who was wearing a backpack that contained the gun, attempted to lean his back against a wall in a sitting position so that police could not get access to the bag. Once the weapon was removed, Dookhran became unruly, according to Ashe.

“Even though he was cuffed he was trying to stand up,” Ashe said. “He was trying to kick the officers.”

Ashe said students began to take notice and officers had to physically restrain Dookhran to the point of telling him he would be pepper sprayed.

Dookhran is due back in court March 11 for a probable cause hearing.

Dookhran’s parents, who were present, did not comment to the media during a 1 p.m. court recess.


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