Chief Meets the President, Officer Retires and More Wellesley Police News

The latest Wellesley Police News videos


In the last few months, Wellesley officers have re-opened a bridge, met the President, and joined the FBI on a bust. 

Two new videos from the Wellesley Police share the latest news from the department. Among the featured stories:

  • The opening of the Rockland Street Bridge.
  • The retirement of Officer Rick Weaver, Dedham Court Prosecutor (who ran into a burning home in November).
  • Chief Terry Cunningham meets President Obama to discuss gun violence strategies. 
  • Jan 17 joint bust with the FBI, a federal investigation into Boston gangs. 
  • Reminder: there is no parking on public ways between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m.

See the Wellesley Police website for the videos: Rockland Street and Officer Weaver.  


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