Will Higher Gas Prices Impact Your Labor Day Travel?

Gas prices have climbed 20 cents compared to a year ago in Massachusetts. How will this impact holiday travel?

As city residents gear up for Labor Day weekened, local gas prices continue to creep up.

According to AAA, the average price of a gallon of gas in the Boston area is currently $3.78, up 20 cents from this time last month.

The local spike is not as bad as the national average, which has seen an increase of 32 cents per gallon this past month. 

Prices in the area range between $3.67 a gallon and $3.85, with the cheapest price currently at Stop and Shop at 70 Pulaski Boulevard in Bellingham, MA, next door.

According to AAA, gas prices should go down after Labor Day.  

Will the spike in gas prices impact your Labor Day plans?  How do you change your driving habits when prices climb?


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