Town of Wellesley faces serious deficit spending problems

It appears that the warnings of deficit spending by our Town government, in recent years, have gone unheeded by those we have elected to represent us.

As we review the facts of our town’s history we notice that from our town’s foundation in 1881 to 2001 a time span of 120 years our Tax Levy climbed to only $48,709,779.

According to our town records, it has only taken 13 years of progressive overspending to reach a tax levy of $112,580,720 in FY 2014.

We need to ask ourselves the question; do we want Wellesley to remain that quaint little town families live a lifetime in, or will overspending beyond our means turn Wellesley into a stop off point for another destination, destroying the very foundation that was created by previous generations.


S. Peter W. Jones

Lifetime resident

Precinct B


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