The Drive for Constant Content

Erich Archer writes about producing content in Wellesley.

When I first took my job at The Wellesley Channel, my duties, as they were explained to me, were to produce a 30-minute show about Wellesley-related subjects every month. Segments were to be in-depth, news magazine style stories.

A common question people ask me when I tell them what I do is if I’m concerned about running out of content for the show. Many people seem to think that there couldn’t possibly be enough interesting stories in one town to keep a show like mine going.

It’s my belief, however, that there is a limitless supply of newsworthy stories in any given town - all you have to do is look closely. In the case of a town like Wellesley where so many prominent, dynamic people reside, finding new stories is actually a piece of cake.

Take this month’s episode, for example. The show will feature three unique Wellesley stories, all local in nature, but each with far reaching implications.

Segment No. 1 features a day in the life of teenage DJ, Chris Herlihy. Chris is a sophomore at with an online radio show that is broadcast around the world. At just 15 years old, with only a laptop and some cheap gear he’s collected, Chris reaches thousands of listeners every week, conducts interviews with artists, and even hosts live performances – all from his parent’s attic.

Segment No. 2 features an interview with Tony Nuzzo, President and CEO of First Commons Bank. Just two years ago, Tony took the bold step of creating this new bank during one of the worst economic climates since the Great Depression. His first branch opened in Newton in 2009 and quickly became one of the nation’s fastest growing banks ever. This month Tony held the grand opening for branch number two, located on Linden Street in Wellesley. In this segment, I interview Tony about his bold venture and how he made it all happen.

Segment No. 3 takes an inside look at Crooked Arrows, a feature film that came to town this summer to hold it’s casting sessions. In the segment I spend time behind the scenes with the films producers and the Hollywood hopefuls to take a look at this critical pre-production process.

Finding and covering these stories is a continuous education and a lot of fun. Almost a year in, I remain unconcerned about the amount of content available here in Wellesley. I know that I’ve just barely scratched the surface.


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