Readers Choice For Entertainment in MetroWest: Amazing Things Arts Center

With 65% of the more than 1,300 votes cast, Amazing Things Arts Center in Framingham was selected by you, the readers, as a great place for entertainment.

In our second region-wide

While all five venues in the poll are not the same and each has its own unique vibe and offers different entertainment, in Framingham came out as the winner.

With more than 850 votes and 35 reviews, The Amazing Things Arts Center, housed in a former Framingham Fire House in downtown Framingham, brings open mic nights, theatrical shows and live music and so much more to  the community.

"We are very much community-oriented," said founder Michael Moran. "There are more avenues for people to perform here."

"Amazing Things Arts Center is not only one of the best venues - bringing in an inspiring mix of all kinds of music, theatre, and art - but it's also completely committed to supporting and promoting local artists and musicians. They are creating a unique community that touches the lives of all who come through its doors in powerful ways," wrote Kim Jennings.

"We are members of several Art Centers, TCAN, Lowell Memorial, Berkshire Theater to mention a few. Amazing Things Art Center is a favorite. The shows at Amazing Things Arts Center Arts Center are variable inform, from folk to rock and everything in between. Plays run from comedies to dramas and are always done well. Who knew there could be so much local talent? No matter what form of Art you enjoy there is something for everyone," wrote Nola M. Ruel.

"Every performance I have attended has been wonderful and worthy of the best theatre in Boston," wrote Jeanne Given.

Finishing very strong in second place was , known as TCAN. Receiving more than 400 votes and 22 reviews this week, this former Natick fire stations hosts nationally-known acts, seats almost 300 people and hosts more than 300 events and workshops a year.

"TCAN has it all - quality performers, local, regional and national. Folk, bluegrass, blues, jazz, rock, classical. Also community theater...Sherlock Holmes anyone? For teens, TCAN has its own version of "Battle of the Bands", sponsored by Berklee College of Music. And let's not forget kids programs.
The historic restored firehouse and great people and outstanding artists provide a memorable experience," wrote Steve Scher.

"I have seen a great many shows at TCAN and others around the Metrowest area. But TCAN performance space is the gem. The size and acoustic quality is phenomenal. There is no better place to see a live performance in Metrowest. Performers appreciate all the effort put into this space and enjoy performing. The true benefactors are audience," wrote Tom Halchuk.

barb May 25, 2012 at 06:27 PM
Why don't you move there?? I'm sure they would love to have you!!!!
Joe Rizoli May 25, 2012 at 07:14 PM
Barb no name, the FACTS about Framingham are true. I am not happy with these FACTS but people who think like YOU allowed Framingham to get where it is today. The Amazing Things is a great attempt to help bring Framingham up from the pits of hell but it's not going to work. We've already tipped the scales over to far, allowed a criminal element to take over the town and now we've made our bed and now we have to sleep with the bedbugs. This whole poll was asking about two places of entertainment, The Amazing Things Arts center and TCAN in Natick. We gave you the good and the bad, the problem is you don't like the bad. You don't put a band-aid on cancer. We've given some suggestions on how to fix things. You people don't listen. Sleep with the nightmare we call Framingham. Oh yes, those boarded up windows in the Amsden building, sign of better times ahead? I don't think so. I think both places of entertainment are terrific assets to both towns and the area, it's just that soon you'll probably need the SWAT truck to drive you to the Amazing Things if Framingham continues on its path of destruction. Joe Rizoli
Jim Rizoli May 25, 2012 at 10:29 PM
Barb.....You're either part of the problem of part of the solution. We've given our solutions on how to make things better. Problem is Framingham has been taken over by a criminal cabal. From the police to the ones who make the decisions and run things. It is what it is....pretty sad! I have no wishes to move to Natick but as a downtown they can't be compared to Framingham. I'm told all the cops from all the other towns drop off all the wayward people they encounter at our town line. NICE! Choose Framingham is the slogan.... It's a good one because all the criminals have. Jim@ccfiile.com
Dave Hornfischer May 26, 2012 at 02:15 AM
AMAZING is AMAZING! Great stuff, reasonable prices, very community focused Nice clean venue Safe well lit parking Tributes from patch readers said it all! Cheers, Dave
Ben Jackson May 29, 2012 at 08:29 PM
No, Barb, we really wouldn't.


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