**JOBS** Support Staff Needed!

Papa Razzi Tarttoria in Wellesley is immediately hiring for support staff!
Hiring incentive below: 

All Front of House staff hired during the next 30 days will be eligible for a $ 200.00  bonus provided they are still actively employed and in good standing* after 90 days.  This special “thank you” bonus will be paid through payroll within 15 days following your 90 day anniversary.  Payments are net all applicable taxes and authorized deductions.


*Good standing for the purposes of this program means your chances of continued employment are strong and you have no prior performance counseling forms in your personnel record.


CJL March 19, 2014 at 10:25 AM
Please follow this link to apply: https://newportharbor.hua.profilestms.com/hrsmart/ats/JobSearch/viewAll


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