Divorced Dad's can be from Mars....

Good Afternoon,
I'd like to speak up about how unfair I feel divorce's financial burden  can be on mother's who raise their children from youths to adults.  I have raised my girls alone for the last 10 years simply because their father is in denial about how much life costs.  He refuses to pay a single penny for anything and announces to them that the child support (by the way is less than 200 a week) is to be used for college (54,000 a year) and living expenses day to day including vacations.  Now, if we were living in Kansas perhaps 200 a week can pay for college, cars, vacations, food, heat, clothes, etc.  So I am dumbfounded as to how an Ivy League under grad and Harvard Business School MBA who worked as VP for Goldman Sachs for years can be so selfish. I'd like to write more on this because the topics I have are hilariously sad but funny too.  I know many dad's who are divorced who do not act like this one.  Women in divorce carry the family and the men get to carry on... Thank you for reading this.    


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