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OK, I’ve finally decided to take the plunge into blogging.  I’ve thought about it for several years now, (yup, years) and hence the word “finally.”


Everything I’ve ever read about writing a good blog says to pick a topic that you feel strongly, yea, even passionately, about and stick to it.  Sounds like good advice to me, so here it is.


My blogs are going to be primarily about domestic violence and child abuse… not exactly light reading, but subjects I do feel very passionate about.  And I know, I know – that’s two topics, or so it seems.  However, in reality, sadly, the two frequently go hand-in-hand, so I can do it and still follow the well-meaning advice.  The other most common advice from “people who know,” is to always inject some humor to keep your readers amused, engaged and looking forward to your next effort.  OK, I’ll try.  But as I’m sure you can see, these topics of mine aren’t going to lend themselves very easily to lightheartedness – but I will try.


I watched a Katie Couric show recently where the main topic was domestic violence and sexual assault.  The celebrity attraction was Mariska Hagarty from the television show “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” (SVU).  Ms. Hargitay was so moved by the many episodes of SVU that dealt with domestic violence and sexual crimes that she became an activist in real life for dealing with both problems, and started a foundation named “Joyful Heart Foundation” (JoyfulHeartFoundation.org).  The Couric show went into far more depth about these problems than I can deal with here for now, but Ms. Hargitay hammered home her idea of one of the best and yet simplest ways to help combat them: talk about them.  Yup, TALK ABOUT THE PROBLEMS.


For most people, these two subjects are about as uncomfortable to talk openly about as having the “birds and bees” talk with your young teen-ager is.  But, whether you’re a man or a woman, Ms. Hargitay is right.  It’s time to take these issues out of the closet and bring them into the open.  Why?  Because the vast majority of people are against both things.  But our silence is tantamount to saying to those who would perpetrate these heinous acts, “It’s OK.  I wouldn’t do it, but I don’t mind if you do.  I won’t say anything.”  However, if those potential abusers realized just how unpopular what they want to do is, they just might think twice before doing it…not to mention that the thought of being turned in by some caring bystander should put the fear of God into them.


If you feel even a fraction as angry and outraged as I do about domestic violence, sexual abuse and child abuse, please take my suggestion and talk about them.  Talk at family gatherings; talk at social gatherings; talk at work, at play, on your social media pages and anywhere you’re with other people.  Ms. Hargitay is right: The best way to combat these terrible things is to bring them out into the bright sunshine so that the perpetrators and potential perpetrators feel they can no longer hide in the shadows of our own embarrassment and discomfort.

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