7 Habits of Highly Successful Super Bowl Parties

Super Bowl Party this weekend? Thinking about hosting one? Here are a few quick tips for you that we've gleaned from the web-o-sphere. A few of ‘em are ours.

Super Bowl Party this weekend? Thinking about hosting one? Here are a few quick tips for you that we’ve gleaned from the web-o-sphere. A few of ‘em are ours. 

Rule Number 1: Never run out of booze. Never. Run out. Of Booze. This is not the number one rule for nada. Nothing else will put a damper on the festivities like running out of your featured beverages. Remember the Boy Scout motto? Be Prepared! (Even though I don’t think they was referring to alcohol.) Plan ahead. Stock up. Expect the worst. Even if you overbuy, the worst that can happen is you won’t need to shop again during the month of February. Possibly March. And don’t forget, as soon as this game is over you are facing Valentine’s Day. More on this next week.

Rule Number 2:  Speaking of beer. Variety is better. Buy two national brews (we suggest a regular and light version), and a few different craft styles. This is not the time to experiment with a keg. Remember those frat parties? Three quarters a cup of foam with an inch of beer on the bottom.

Rule Number 3:  Never run out of food. (Also, see rule number 1) Start with the good stuff, maybe a little shrimp. Some sushi (if you're into that kind of thing) Some buffalo wings. Of course, nachos, chips in abundance. And put out the cold cuts. Teriyaki steak and chicken on skewers. You get the idea. If all else fails a few frozen pizzas in held in reserve could save your bacon.

Rule Number 4: Don’t worry about serving only healthy food. In fact, it’s better to serve only unhealthy food. You want you this party to be fun don’t you? Also, it’s highly unlikely that anyone will actually die at your party. Not because of the food anyway.

Rule Number 5: Don’t keep food in kitchen. Make it easy to grab. And make an effort to present it with a little eye appeal. I know, I know, you don’t need to become Martha Stewart, just try. Please.

Rule Number 6: Seating.  Make sure there’s lots of comfy seating. For everyone. Assume that you'll get some surprise guests and put out some extra chairs in advance. Obstructed view seating doesn’t count.

Rule Number 7: This one’s for guests. Do not show up empty handed. Of course your host is going to say, “thanks we’ve got everything covered...” Bring something anyway. (See rules 1&2) Use your imagination, and no, don’t just bring something only you will like. And for god’s sake, pick up after yourself. You might not do it at home, but you are going to do it here.

Alright, that’s enough. This whole thing’s supposed to be fun. Enjoy the game.

Guys, next week column: Valentine’s Day. Remember that thing that happened last year? Yeah, that thing. This is your chance to make up for that. At least a little.

As always, thanks and we love to hear from you.


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