Wellesley’s RC, Tandang Tribe Win Big on ‘Survivor’ Week Two

Wellesley Patch’s continued coverage of Wellesley College grad RC Saint-Amour on this season of “Survivor: Philippines.”

It was a quiet episode for Wellesley’s “Survivor” star, but that usually means you’ve made it to the next week.

Wellesley College graduate RC Saint-Amour’s Tandang tribe finished in first place in the second week’s challenge. Tandang was awarded a blanket, other survival gear and the much-sought immunity.

Tandang appears to be clicking on all cylinders when it comes to competing against the other tribes, but internally, the group shows signs that too many alliances could ruin a good thing.

RC begins the episode by finding a clue toward a personal immunity idol. Her pal, student Abi-Maria Gomes, caught her in the act, and while Abi and RC have forged a bond, Abi is beginning to get paranoid.

“I was very lucky to catch her finding the clue so she has no other choice,” Abi said. “But a side of me says to be careful.” 

RC seems to be sidling up to Mike Supkin, the group’s injury-prone de facto leader, but are her intentions malicious?

“I thought Abi was my number two, I thought she could handle it,” RC said into the camera, “but she…thinks that I could be making sub-alliances and I’m not. I don’t know how to prove that to her.”

Despite RC’s pleas, Abi wouldn’t take the bait.

“I’m your friend, but if you [expletive] me you’re dead,” Abi said to RC.

Will RC and Abi’s in-fighting become the now dominant Tandang’s undoing?

“Survivor: Phillipines” is Thursdays at 8 p.m. on CBS.


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