Wellesley Hills Ranks Within Top 150 Zip Codes for Charitable Giving

The Chronicle of Philanthropy published charitable giving statistics by community today.

Citizens of Wellesley Hills give to charity at a rate which puts the small section of town among the top charitable communities in the country.

The 02481 zip code ranks 134 of 28,725 communities with $61.7 million in total contributions for all income levels, according to figures released by The Chronicle of Philanthropy today.

The study, titled “How America Gives,” breaks down each United States community’s charitable giving efforts to include the percentage of income given, average contribution dollar amount, median discretionary income and a variety of other factors by zip code.

The 02482 zip code, which represents the rest of Wellesley, ranks 982 for charitable giving across the United States with total contributions for all incomes adding up to $26.3 million.

The Chronicle considers all donations claimed by taxpayers making $50,000 or more per year.


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