Wellesley Channel "You're Not Special" Speech Video Gets Over 1 Million Youtube Views

In honor of the channel’s video of the famous commencement speech having gone viral, the local media station is hosting a video contest.

To celebrate the Wellesley Channel's viral video of WHS teacher  the channel will host a contest locally this summer.

Wellesley Media Corporation announced the “You’re Not Special Video Submission Contest” in a release today. The channel asks those interested to submit a video in two minutes or less demonstrating why “you are in fact special,” the announcement says.

“Show us what separates you from the pack,” the announcement says. “Display your talents. Showcase your skills!”

The rules, according to Wellesley Media:

1. The video must be under two minutes in length.

2. You must be a Facebook friend and Twitter follower of Wellesley Media Corporation to submit a video.

3. Nothing profane, pornographic, or otherwise deemed “inappropriate” by Wellesley Media staff will be considered.

The winner will be determined by Wellesley Media Corporation’s Facebook friend likes. The video that receives the most likes will receive $500, a trophy and a television broadcast in August.

The video of McCullough's speech on the channel's Youtube page has hit 1,026,748 views as of this post.

Submission deadline is July 15.


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