GoFundMe Thursday: Help The Nicaragua Dispatch Stay in Business


Wellesley native Tim Rogers is seeking donations to keep the online newspaper The Nicaragua Dispatch in business.

Rogers started The Nicaragua Dispatch at the end of 2011. He publishes daily news and analysis, with a focus on original reporting and exclusive interviews for an honest and engaging read. The website also contains reader-submitted blogs and community articles.

“From the beginning, I strived to produce a website that is not only informative and provocative, but also one that promotes innovation, community-building and freedom of expression,” Rogers said in his GoFundMe.com campaign summary.

To cover operating costs, Rogers is hoping to raise $12,000. Ninety-four people have raised 56 percent of that goal in 10 months, but more money is needed.

“We believe that the free press should not be locked behind pay walls,” Rogers said. “But that means readers who believe in this product need to help fund it. It may sound like a paradox to say readers have to donate to avoid paying for the news, but life is full of contradictions and the media is certainly no exception. We know from experience that a fundraiser means asking the generous and fair among you to subsidize the rest. But Nicaragua Dispatch can’t afford to subsidize everyone—[nor] should it.”

To donate, visit http://www.gofundme.com/NicaraguaDispatch2013.


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